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Cookies are small text files that our website stores in your browser. The purpose of using these files on our site is to improve the usability of our site, the ability to respond to your requests, and effectively manage the site. At the same time, cookies are used to collect information about browsing and traffic to the site and to send it to third-party services for further analysis in our website. These services are described in this document below. Cookies sent from our site do not store your IP address and personal information, only if it is possible to comment on the site is stored commenter name, url address and email commenter. For user logging, encrypted user data covered by the hash algorithm, specifically when you signed in and who you are.

The site can be used without cookies, but it depends on your browser settings whether or not these files are enabled. If you do not want the files to be created and sent to third parties, customize your browser settings with the help of the browser. After browsing the site, cookies can be deleted from your browser.

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Social Links
By switching to some of the social networking links – such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Reddit, etc. – you are providing your third party with your personal information (some providers are also located in third countries, such as the US, so it is necessary to verify the processing of personal data according to the legislation of the country). There is no interaction with these social networks on our company’s website, and the pictograms used are only links that facilitate access to our profiles.

Links to third-party websites
There may also be links to third-party websites on our company’s website. Although these sites have been thoroughly reviewed before placing a link to our company’s website, COMSTRY TRADING s.r.o. no responsibility for any changes to their content.

Google services (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Search Console)
Our company’s website also uses Google services to measure traffic and further analyze user behavior on our website Analytics and Google Search Console, and Google Ads and Google Adsense, which do not directly use your personal information. For more information on these services and settings, see in the “Privacy Policy” section

Seznam Services (Sklik, Search List)
Our company website uses Sklik technology operated by, a.s. This allows us to show visitors who have already shown interest in our products our ads on the Display Network of, a.s. The search list then directs clients to our website. More about Privacy by Seznam, a.s. learn here:

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