Nonwoven textiles

We offer nonwoven textiles made of Polypropylene (100 % PP). The majority of the materials (95 %) is made in the EU according to the highest standards. The rest of our product range is produced by our partners active worldwide with certifications from reputable labs. 

Nonwoven textile Spunbond 100%PP

All options have OEKO-TEX 100 certification, the product is suitable for healthcare. Choose from a wide range of colours.

Composition: 100% PP (Polypropylene)

Special feature: hydrophobic surface adjustment

Colours: white, black, beige, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue (light, medical, intense, dark, navy), green (light and dark), grey (light and dark), custom colors available too

Grammage: 20 to 180 g/m²

Roll width: 0,80 to 2,40 m

Roll wrapping: customer´s choice

Netkaná textílie Spunbond

Nonwoven textile SMS BFE

Antibacterial wrapping material suitable for sterilizing

Nonwoven textile in three-layer version (Spunbond/Meltblown/Spunbond). This type (SMS BFE with declared bacteria filtration capability) is primarily designated for the manufacturing of wrapping material suitable for sterilising by steam, low temperature or the EO method. This material can be also used as a barrier textile and the material can be used for surgery clothes manufacturing. 

Composition: 100% PP (Polypropylene)

Special feature: declared bacteria filtration capability BFE

Colour: blue, green, dark green (medical) 

Grammage: 40-70g/m²

Roll width: the offer depends on our stockpile – feel free to contact us! 

Ask for samples of the nonwoven textiles!

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